The “I am” clause

Bloggers definitely has no other way of sharing their thoughts than using the first person option.There are those with stories to tell.Techblogs,opinions and news tidbits.

Notice how chatters simply just have to print it,all at random.

“Of mice and men and madmen…”

“Coz were living in a world of fools,breaking us down…”

Cyberbullying,habits of the strong.

But always bear it in mind you are alone with your e

yes glued on the flash drive when a horrible rant,an inexplicable viral video suddenly appears before you In a flash. Cyberthuggies, will remind you of a tough life on the streets.You turn away from all those bloodshot eyes smelling alcohol and neighborhood toughies like those you see on films. You have the power of choice every time you open the net.Scroll down to your favorite app hangout and have a great day.

You read aboutaccounts being hacked,and probably experience it yourself,of loads that simply vani shed into thin air.Bad guys are everywhere.We are living now in desperate times.Syrian refugeecampsecamps,the Greek economic collapse,of gunmans running amuk in America.The world is not becoming a better place to live in.You are a unique creation of God.Each one of us.You and I.


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