Be Different

There are actually no rules covering writing except that make sure you got all the spelling correctly. Writing is a compulsion. Entering the third millennium in a global internet era, writing remains the all powerful medium that every freethinking,creative and analytical minds possess.

Blogs? Comments,networks,catalysts,proofreaders learners and more,the internet of tomorrow will still be dominated by brilliant minds.Bernie Sanders zoomed to meteoric heights because of his brilliance but whether he wins or lose will remain to be the next chapters of his life we have yet to read.That is one shining example of a walking library

Tech gurus? Choose your wild.Zig Ziglar becomes iconic overnight.Julian Assange life will forever be enshrined in the history of the internet as its one of its pillar foundation,Steve Jobs,Matt Mullenweg. History is creating another set of heroic figures.Maya Sartou.Nelson Mandela lived and died in our time.And the world have yet to begin narrating how this titanic African icon came to be in the world.

Write.Choose a subject.Be circumspect about it.Sprinkle it with subtopics.Keep adding topics in a brick like layering manner.

Distraction abounds in the world.Choose a quiet place.And I’m not expecting to read samples of a classical John Steinbeck in the making.Just add a few more sentences.

Style and substance.


Theme,topic.Add a picture.Is it from the paleolithic age.Pride and prejudice.Allow the habit to grow.

Transforming a dramatic sequence into Pdf.?

WordPress is too technical. And so is Wikipedia and so is Apple and we are all bundled on Facebook like a ghetto neighborhood.Facebook wasn’t big at first and now the world can be seen and felt inside it.

For free.Teaching is a noble profession and so is fb msg.


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