In a new day

When days are neither typically another run-of-the-mill internet day,my level of gut-feeling and enthusiasm seems eroding,dampened. So I took on another bold step of opening up a new leaf in my life.

I keep trying to find a reason,look for any unlatched or knotted jams that needs fixing,create a new webpage and keep tumbling up and down to generate some attention.

Some blog posts are simply Inhabited by spiders or you. get to meet your sturdy friendly vendor everyday that keeps recruiting. for new members in what seemed like another Greek tragicomedy in the making.Not creative enough but as industrious as an ant. And how to reanimate what seemed like doomed Trolleyheads,doomed from the start.

Faith is a hard evidence implant. Doubt is when you lose it.

Forgiveness is the other seed implant inside of you.

Gods blessings abounds.It encompasses the whole of humanity.


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