The CEO mtyh,magic and question marks

Someone wanted this topic discussed.Its all about organizations,whose managing well and who isn’t.In the ever-expanding itnetworking world we have read the best and the worst so far. Steve Jobs, the ever revered Apple CEO.Ellen Pao,on a whimper. Larry Page was tagged the king of all ceos by one follower Some simply vanish without a trace.

And this is not the corporate world yet.How McDonald’s, Walmart and the Chinese stock market crash rings so loudto everyone’s ears,were still glued unto it astonished as to what it all about.

Remember Dick Costolo of twitter. Donald Trump is worth 10billion or so is his estimated net worth.I his candidacnoand no holdsbarred speeches like a Vanderbilt truck with no

brakes, more monsters awakening in America.CEOs are GMs but there are still un seen Godly hands behind it.Superstructures and policyformation and plenty in experience and still more to be learned.


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